...David R. Henderson's and Charles L. Hooper's new book is Making Great Decisions in Business and Life published by Chicago Park Press (www.ChicagoParkPress.com)

...The phrase "work smarter, not harder" has been repeatedly ridiculed in the Dilbert comic strip and elsewhere, not because it is a bad idea, but because it is thrown like a brick lifesaver to drowning employees. To tell someone to work smarter is like telling someone to be happier, healthier, and richer. It's not much help to merely repeat the objective; what people need is a plan for achieving the objective.

...In Making Great Decisions, we show our readers how to achieve their objectives. We write to help those in business and those in the business of life--i.e., everyone--to work smarter. Our ideas are both simple and powerful. We offer a better way to look at problems so that the solutions are easier to find. We help supplement our readers' clear thinking by summarizing some of the most powerful techniques we have discovered.

...Have you ever driven through corn country? From a distance, all you see are corn stalks and more corn stalks in a jumbled mess. Then suddenly, when you get closer, your perspective changes, and you can see down the rows and realize that the corn was planted perfectly in straight lines. Your perception of the crop changes from a messy jumble to a clear picture simply because you're in the right spot. This book puts readers in that ideal spot. So many problems seem like hopeless jumbles but then, when you start using the techniques we discuss here, they start to look as straightforward as the straightest line in an Iowa cornfield.

...What motivated us to write this book is that, over the years, both of us have regularly come across people in organizations--often bright people with MBAs or other graduate degrees--who don't think they have time, energy, or skills to make good decisions. They have many clues but don't know how to put them together. They regularly face situations that they could analyze with some of the tools they learned in their courses, but they don't realize that. We don't hold ourselves apart from this group, and stories of our successes and failures are sprinkled throughout Making Great Decisions in Business and Life.

"Henderson's and Hooper's Making Great Decisions in Business and Life flows like butter.  It teaches you how to think like an economist. The results may surprise or even jolt you, as you discover all the mistakes you've been making and how to correct them."
Barry Nalebuff
Milton Steinbach Professor, Yale School of Management and coauthor of Why Not?

"This brilliantly written book is a stimulating, fun read filled with great stories and examples. It has practical applications for business people, and yet is written for everyone. If my predecessors at the companies I turned around had read and understood this book, their companies wouldn't have needed me.  I wish I had had this book when I taught decision analysis at Harvard. It would make a great supplementary text for virtually any course I teach.  It is, simply, a great book."
John O. Whitney
Columbia Business School
Professor Emeritus of Professional Practice
Codirector, W. Edwards Deming Center
Author of: Taking Charge: Management Guide to Troubled Companies and Turnarounds, The Economics of Trust: Liberating Profits and Restoring Corporate Vitality, and Power Plays: Shakespeare's Lessons in Leadership and Management

"David Henderson and Charley Hooper help the reader understand the power of decision analysis techniques through the use of practical examples-translating theory into practices we can employ in our daily lives. Unlike many business books that state a single concept and beat it to death, Making Great Decisions in Business and Life builds one useful tool on top of another. The result: a uniquely entertaining and informative experience for the reader.
Gayle Mills
Vice President, Business Development
Abgenix, Inc.

"If you think economics is only for bookworms and whiz kids, think again. As Henderson and Hooper show, with story after colorful story, economic reasoning can help you understand everyday life - and improve the quality of your own life as well."
James C. Miller III
Chairman, CapAnalysis Group and former Director, Office of Management and Budget

"Henderson and Hooper not only explain decision making and risk management clearly, but also connect it with everyday life. Making Great Decisions in Business and Life is a mix of insights and controversy that will guarantee interesting reading."
Dan Spiegelman
Sr. Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
CV Therapeutics, Inc.

"What could be more relevant to our humanity than learning to think more effectively?  Henderson and Hooper take you on a delightful tour, showing how you can make better decisions.  This book introduces readers to the sophisticated field of decision analysis used by savvy business people for years, but without the obstacle of heavy mathematics."
Sam W. Tagart, Jr.
Retired, Project Manager
Electric Power Research Institute

"We really enjoyed reading Making Great Decisions in Business and Life. The lessons that accompany the many delightful stories made us realize the underlying logical basis for what we've been doing successfully by intuition. This sensational book is like a jungle gym for the brain"
Dr. George Rosenkranz
Founding chairman of Syntex Corporation and co-discoverer of norethindrone, the synthetic hormone that made oral contraceptives possible. Author of six books on bridge playing and strategy.
Dr. Roberto Rosenkranz
Founding chairman and CEO of Roxro Pharma LLC

"This engagingly written book does just what it promises: It gets you to think, and think more carefully, about the practical decisions in life."
Virginia Postrel
A uthor, The Substance of Style and The Future and Its Enemies

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David R. Henderson is a research fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. He is also associate professor of economics at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey.

Charles L. Hooper is President and co-founder of Objective Insights, Inc. Charles is a visiting fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.


Charles L. Hooper
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David R. Henderson
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